Word of mouth marketing

Jareer Samad
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What are the some of the best word of mouth strategies startups have used in initial customer development?


David J. Kim
I mean the best word of mouth is really a great product (high NPS). But to pour fuel to that fire a great example I think is Dropbox. One of their core values was the storage space offered. So they gave a "two sided" reward system. Refer someone to Dropbox, and you both get 250 mb of space. The results were huge. Can read more about it here: https://viral-loops.com/blog/dro...
Jareer Samad
Yes David, Dropbox has been a successful example of both word of mouth marketing and getting early validation for product (video MVP).
Jareer Samad
There is a very good book by Jonah Berger called Contagious on word of mouth marketing principles. It's very helpful to understand the triggers that gets people to talk.