Will this Work?

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Hello Hunters I'm a solo-founder and I'm iterating ideas to ultimately help people feel good about life and become happier/light-hearted/optimistic. I've been working on this for a while and I truly understand that I have to start where we are. Because I stumbled upon this in my own life. I want to see if it'll work for others. The idea is to focus the mind and do something consistently for 100-days. It is like developing a habit but it is also like a productivity tool. You can double down on what you are already doing or start something new. The thing is, you have to be consistently investing in your goal for 100 days. It is a combination of stoicism and time-boxing for self-investment. The landing page - https://tooledup.quest/ Do you think this will work? How can I improve it? Do you see yourself doing something for 100 days consistently? PS: If you are interested, here is a snapshot of my journey https://www.kanakalakshmi.xyz/ Thanks ❤️ Lakshmi


Yuri Lisin
Hello! I think it is a good idea and I've tried to use a couple of apps designed to build habits. It seems to me that you really love what you're building, so I would definitely try your product