Will cold emailing still be effective in 2022?

The Hunter
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Bogomil Shopov - Бого
It will be always used. Period! It's not efficient since 1998 :)
While cold emailing has mixed opinions, email marketing has proven significantly effective over the years and, according to some studies, is becoming even more important in an effective marketing campaign. Never underestimate the effectiveness of emails :)
Rucha Joshi
@maxine_buchert You're right. Even personally I have become more open to receiving emails again over other forms of 'ads' on social media - that is more annoying.
Ruben Lozano
@maxine_buchert @rucha_joshi8 I think email marketing always is going to be effective and used but cold email marketing is decreasing the performance. I was using 10 years ago cold email a lot and every year is losing the good performance. 10 years ago we where the only ones however nowadays everyone is doing and it is so annoying to spend time deleting emails that you did ask or that you don't really need or want.
The Hunter
@maxine_buchert @rucha_joshi8 @rubenlozanome, Thanks a lot for sharing your thought. I am so happy to see that we are creating such a good discussion on the topic. My perspective from the discussion would be, cold emailing will survive for the next couple of years and are good to an extent if they are addressing the major pain point and is more personalized. However, exhaustively sending out cold emails will be annoying
There is always going to be value in it, but in the coming years, email providers will tighten their authority on which emails are coming through, what level of HTML within an email is allowed and still be 'deliverable', and more. Granted, this just causes the entire ecosystem to adapt (i.e. what we are seeing now with 'first line' personalization via AI, alternative/look-alike domains, and more. The solution always adapts and rises to the occasion. Great question! Near term / 2022, I think it will be just as effective as it always has been