Why your DMs are open on Twitter?

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Why do you choose to offer people to send you a DM on Twitter? To build relationships, to grow through others, to connect with people...?


Joyce Kettering
To start conversations with new, often unexpected people I would have never met in real life :)
Eric Unger
Why not? It's worth getting the small amount of spam to make connections and allow anyone who finds me on Twitter to reach out directly.
John Torjo
Probably all of the above 😁
Just to be available to people if they ever want to contact me. I don't have thousands of followers so I'm not worried about getting overwhelmed with DMs 😉 What about you?
@k_j1 I like to give advice to people who ask me. And it allows me to receive some too. And then to connect with people I would never have met in real life
Victor Metelskiy
Because i don't receive too much spam there (yet).
Vick Vahram Antonyan
Twitter > LinkedIn. I didn't really use Twitter until last year! It has been an incredible tool for networking and even job haunting! DMs are the best way to connect with people! So why not? I usually have my DMs open on all platforms. I'm glad that bigger angels and VCs have their DMs open!
@vahramantonyan I agree with you. Thanks to the DMs, I bring advice to those who want it and I receive a lot of it.
It is always nice to connect with smart people. Now the only friends I have are the ones I met through Twitter DMs.
Michael Andreuzza
I get too much spam asking me to test aps andso on. Removing it on 2022
Victor David
For me there's no reason to close off DMs on Twitter. I'm new and happy to connect with other people if they like.
Ira GI
It's a way to reach more people, get more responses. Twitter is a web that grows by the minute.