Why is Hiring so difficult for Startups? (Hiring Hacks please?)

Kulpreet Singh
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I have been part of several startups. Hiring is one of the biggest universal problems among early-stage startups. I personally find candidate discovery Is a challenge. Have tried many existing platforms but they are very inefficient. Just wanted to know any hiring hacks which might have worked for you?


Daniel Engels
Low budgets, lack of visibility, lack of recruitment skills play a role. Startups need to fins the right balance between hard skills, soft skills and motivation.
Kulpreet Singh
@daniel_engels Agree Budget and Skills matching needs a lot of work
Chris Sarca
Besides what Daniel said, Startups also have a high failure rate, so people usually avoid them.
Avi 🤝
@kulpreet_singh For candidate discovery, nothing has worked for us as well as LinkedIn has. For interns, internshala. But hiring is also difficult because giving visibility to the candidate for predictable wealth-creation from the future is not easy. Returns from Stock Options are too far out and unpredictable for most hiring candidates. Not a hack, but a solution that has worked - is sharing "real wealth" with employees as a merit-based share of future cash flows. This has helped us and our customers hire premium talent at lower-than-market budgets and with greater "ownership" to join, stay and perform. Check us out. We just launched VenEx here today! Let us know if it could help.
Hello Kulpreet, I'm glad I found this post of yours talking about the difficulty for start-ups hiring the the platforms inefficiency. By platforms do you mean the hiring softwares? What exactly would you say it's their biggest flaws? My name is Ingrid and I am part of VanillaHR. We are a cloud-based hiring management software that aims to simplify the process and increase the quality of hiring. We also think that hiring the correct professionals for the company is a business strategy and we understand that it can be non-affordable for some or a long and hard process for others. Therefore we created a special program for start-ups which we offer for ONE YEAR FREE. I would like to invite you if its that the case for you. All you need to do is fill out the application on this link and we go through the quick steps: https://www.vanillahr.com/contact Please feel free to share your feedback :)