Why I decided that I must live my life on my terms.

Hugo Hamel
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Yesterday, I was talking to my partner, and even though I had heard Alex Hormozi mention that "We're all going to die, it doesn't matter who we are", I had never had the "click" that I needed to have to feel it. We're all going to die one day, and we don't know when that day will be. I've spent my whole life trying to find my purpose, where I was simply disappointed most of the time, and I was always looking at other people and comparing myself. But now, I can finally say that I am slowly feeling like I am finding it with more clarity. For that reason, as scary as it might be, I decided that I needed to stop being scared of things that weren't going to help me achieve the goals that I have set for myself. The one is to make sure that I always focus on doing something that I love. The second one is to enjoy the process and the journey that comes with doing what I love. Basically, I want to grow old doing what I love, not feeling that I am working. More specially what that means is: building solutions that solve problems (help people) and improve how things are being done (innovate). What's that one thing for you?


Pablo Fatas
I agree with the sentiment but this is quite an ideal case. Obviously if you could just do what you love all the time that would be great. But this needs to come with the acceptance that you might not always get to do what you love so that you can do what you love as much as possible. If you go in with the mindset that you’ll only do what you love starting today you might miss out on some opportunities that maybe right now are not exactly what you love but will open doors for you later down the line that will make you much happier. Of course this comes with the trap of “I’ll do this for a couple years then do what I love once I have enough money (or whatever it is)” and 30 years later you are still doing that because it is what you know and you are comfortable. I think it is already great that you are reflecting and have the mindset. It is more than what most people do. Good luck on your journey :)
Hugo Hamel
@pablo_fatas Absolutely! That's why my second point is to embrace the journey, because it might not always be what I like the most, but at least if I know I am progressing towards something that I like, it'll definitively make the pain more surmountable. That's a good point that you bring, and a great reminder. It's important to not be in a mindset of "I'll do this only when X". Thank you for the encouragement :)
Anny Wiliams
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Hugo Hamel
@anny_wiliams Amazing, looking forward to see journey :) Congrats on the move!