Why did you join Product Hunt? Why are you still here?

Arun Pariyar
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I joined Product Hunt last week after getting my feet into DevRel. I knew about product hunt before as I have been learning software development in my free time. However, only after getting into DevRel, I have started to engage more openly with bigger communities. I work from a co-working space in Berlin where there are many startups, and I often hear about PH. I am with a Berlin startup myself and we might go on PH if our team agrees 🀞, so I decided to Join PH to explore and get an immersive experience. I have been loving it so far UizardHats, Mark Copy, Inbox Shield, LinkedIn For Founders & CEO’s, and Legitt have been some of the products that I have Upvoted. Oh & not to forget State of Community Tools Report by Orbit and Manual Pages by Fig ❀️ which are my most favorite so far. I also love the diverse discussions and ranging from weekend plans to Web3. Since I was looking into community-related topics, I am most impressed by the insightful discussion and comments of @5harathand πŸ’Ž & @rosiesherry ❀️. I am tempted to take her course but being an intern, I am a bit short on the budget ;) I also saw that new people are joining in with every product hunt listing to support the product. But many more stay here supporting new products, creating fantastic discussions, not to mention our hunters that bring forward incredible products to find their place in the world.  This incredible diversity of the community here made me wonder the question that I want to ask you now.  πŸ‘‰ Why did you join Product Hunt? Why are you still here? I look forward to reading your replies πŸ™‚


Siena Romes
Learned about PH from a co-worker. Love seeing new ideas in here and in turn, I'm also using their products! I've tried several such as RumbleTalk and Trello!
Arun Pariyar
I too enjoying seeing new ideas and finding helpful products coming about. I have used Trello as well will checkout RumbleTalk. PH is also great for makers to benchmark and improve their own ideas about products they want to build. Thanks for sharing @siena_romes have a good day β˜€οΈ