Why did you become an entrepreneur?

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Johannes Karjula
I wanted to do things that interest me personally and to solve world problems that I considered important. A better answer: to get some salary while studying at university. :)
Chrystal Cienfuegos
My answer isn't very interesting. There was just something I wanted to make. :)
Junior Owolabi
because I'm a software developer that has experienced quite a lot in my short life and like to use technology to prevent them and worse from happening to others. The above is a reason my company is called PrepxUs (Prep times Us; pronounced Preps-Up)
There seemed to be too many limits on a 'job description'; my brain can't be contained and problem solving is an innate hobby.
Ezzat Suhaime
Being around people that were ambitious
nora voila
They want to alternate the world. Changing the arena may additionally sound like a tall order, but many entrepreneurs are prompted by way of a choice to make a change in their community. They regularly get into entrepreneurship because they query the repute quo and wonder if there might be a higher manner to do matters. Regards https://deunscrambler.com/