Who's buildinginpublic?

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What are you working on?


@max_tremaine Thanks for sharing! This is so needed. I was trying to figure this out last month for our team. Will be using it
Ryan Gilbert
I'm growing my weekly newsletter https://www.workspaces.xyz/ and have been sharing most of the growth and metrics on Twitter along the way! Recently passed 3,300 subscribers while maintaining a 55-60% open rate.
Jerry Vachaparambil
Building restaurants with thecuminclub.com
Frank Eno
I’m debugging the sequel of my Mystery Box game https://xscoder.com/mysterybox
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Maintaining my newsletter for a specific topic about security: https://hapyyr.com/
Rosie Sherry
Me. Partly from the perspective of building (https://rosie.land) but also just generally sharing everything I know about community building. I do this mostly on Twitter, but also come to share here on PH and Indie Hackers as much as possible.
@rosiesherry This is great. I like the format, simple and easy to read. Thanks for sharing it. I just connected with you on Twitter as well
Hi there! I’m building an app to build online guidebooks: https://cozylist.co I move around a lot and when I’m away I exchange my home. But there are so many things to tell your guests that you usually forget half of it (and I live on a boat so there are many things to say… 😅). So I needed a way to share all these information in a secure and easy way. Enters Cozylist, which personally helps me save so much time. I hope it will help others soon. I’m currently preparing for a launch on PH soon, happy to get some pre-launch feedback.