Who inspires you every day?

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Jennifer Laura
My mom. She is a very hardworking lady. I can't imagine working as much as she does daily.
Susan Harris Scott
@jennifer_123 I love your answer, I'm sure your mom is proud of you !!!
Andy Walraven
My little sister. She has passed away, but she still pushes me every day to be better in how I live this life.
@ac_walraven I am truly sorry, I am sure she is proud of you
Andy Walraven
@enola_vedovotto Thank you. It's easily forgotten how short our time is here, so try and make the most of it. Wishing you the best in whatever endeavors you're setting your mind to accomplishing.
@ac_walraven I wish you the same, let's enjoy our lives as much as possible
Andy Walraven
@daniel_henry4 Thank you. Appreciate the thoughts. I do hope she can still inspire all of us to maximize our value with the time we have left here.
Varun Kodnani
@ac_walraven Sorry to know about this Andy. Sheโ€™s looking at you from the skies and is proud of all that you are doing.
Qudsia Ali
My goals. They motivate me to do more to achieve them.
Me and my achievements ๐Ÿ™‚
Andrew Glenn
@ksusha_golovchenko Great answer! It's so important to find internal motivation!
Tracy Williams
My family. They support me and encourage me to be better.
โ€œI find inspiration in a variety of people and things. I would have to say that the person who has most greatly inspired me has been my grandmother. She always had a smile on her face no matter how hard she worked and she loved everyone. She was well respected and always gave more than she received. TellTims Survey
Jennifer Guerra
My family. I'm from Peru and they made a huge effort to send me abroad to study, they've always been my #1 fans and I really wanna make them proud
Varun Kodnani
@jennifer_guerra Same here Jennifer, Iโ€™m extremely grateful to my family for providing me with everything. No regrets whatsoever.
Abdul Saboor
My uncle. He is paralyzed but always bears a smile on his face.
Varun Kodnani
@abdul_saboor1 thatโ€™s incredible. Truly a sign of a happy man despite all the troubles heโ€™s facing ๐Ÿ™
Varun Kodnani
Elon Musk. The richest man in the work says that "Time is the ultimate currency." We all have very limited time here in this world. Before we know it, years pass by. This feeling motivates me to do more every single day.
I'm 19 now, and my biggest fear in life is being a mediocre person. I live in a lazy, small town in India, and I don't want to be like the people around me - getting average grades, a boring job, a wasted life.... Basically, I don't want to get old in auto-pilot. So yeah, this is exactly what's motivating me to make the best out of my life. DQFanSurvey
Aqsa Sajjad
My parents who are always there to support me in whatever path I choose. They give me freedom, which inspires me the most, and they're the main reason I'm still here.
Amelia Charlie
If you can't honestly answer that question, it's time to look for an answer. Too often, we close our eyes to the outside world and live in our little bubbles, focusing solely on our daily lives. I set a personal goal to pop that bubble, take off the blinders, and return to the real world. Yes, there is a lot of garbage and things I don't want to see, but I know that if I take the time to look around again, I will find nothing but beauty and inspiration. Inspiration brings smiles and joy; happiness brings love and life. Begin to live. Coming back to the question, I find inspiration in music, poetry, and art.
@amelia_charlie I never said I didn't have an answer, just that nobody has asked me the question yet ๐Ÿ˜‰
hazel hazel
Good question. I am a good inspiration for myself. When I am tired or do not want to do that my own mind inspires and gave me devotion to my work. freepaperwriter.com