Who do you want to see in future AMA sessions?

Sharath Kuruganty
15 replies
As many of you know, every month we host incredible guests as they do AMA sessions here on discussions. Now, it's your turn to nominate an expert who you think can bring a lot of value to the community!


Anil Matcha
Launching UUKI on Sep 30th
How to use producthunt to get early users apart from producthunt launch. Someone who used other features of producthunt to get targeted users would be an ideal choice
Liam Smith
Tech enthusiast
@matcha_anil Thats a key feature to have
Anil Matcha
Launching UUKI on Sep 30th
@liam_smith7 Absolutely. Love to know this
Stefan Smiljkovic
Visionary of Automatio.co
Some bootstrapper who can talk about how they grow their business using organic growth hacks.
Gregoire Parant
Head of Product @ WorkAdventure 🚀
What are the challenges of hybridization at work? A popular topic at the moment and many tools are emerging, but which one to choose? How make an easier implementation? And how to support our employees that they feel integrated into the company? Corporate cultures will be brought to evolve and I think that the hybridization should be at the heart of this organizational and managerial turning point.
Kejvi Xhemali
Product & SEO Co-ordinator
How to use producthunt to get early users apart from producthunt launch
PC Tools
PC Tools website công nghệ chuyên
Whit Anderson
Early maker w/ lots to learn
More Sharath AMAs! :) I love seeing them and reading through the comments
Fajar Siddiq
Serial Entrepreneur, Singapore
The people who receive PH grants, Maker of the year, Community member of the year and other Golden Kitty Awards winners
Sharath Kuruganty
Head of Community at Threado
@fajarsiddiq Solid list :)
Thomas walter
It sounds hard to save your first $1,000
@thomaswalter33 passionate web developer
Barry John
i am a blogger and marketer.
yes, i am perform well. and get all notification seriously.
Tài chính, Forex
AMA sessions are an opportunity for you to get to know a ... to ask about their career path, personal growth & journey, an future goals.
well care
Web Designer
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