Which tools do you use to time-track your tasks & analyse time spend of various tasks over the week.

Juilee Mahimkar
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I recently started using Toggl Track on my Mac and while it let me track my time and see how I spent my day, it didn't give me a report/ analysis of all the time-tracked so as to how much time was spent on each activity through-out the week/month.


zaved sadek
Hi, I use Nifty for time-track my task. It is pretty awesome. You can check that out.
Juilee Mahimkar
@zaved_sadek_chowdhury I had heard about this one but never tried. They do offer a free plan which I am currently looking for so I guess I will check it out. Thank you! :)
Brad Fusion
Is there any free tool that will let me analyze time spend of various tasks over the week.
Juilee Mahimkar
@marta_tasks_ninja Looks like a clean app. Might be exactly what I needed but I am currently looking for a free to use app. Time Doctor is a paid app I guess with a 14day trial period. But thank you so much for suggesting. I am sure it would be worth investing sometime in future.:)
Kyle Place
clockify and toggl always worked well
Andrew Isherwood
I've never thought of doing this, going to give Toggl Track ago (and no doubt cry over the analysis on Friday).
Juilee Mahimkar
@andrew_isherwood1 Its really cool for tracking your activity but can be a heavy duty app for your machine. My pc started to heat up since it was tracking my tasks. plus no analysis. So not sure if its's preferable for working on pc. Maybe you can try the mobile version.
Juilee Mahimkar
@bilal_anwar1 Great suggestion. Love Evernote as a tool but I personally feel it is meant for doing lot more than time tracking. I am currently using Notion and want a only time tracking app to pair with it. I did try Clickup which is really great! But after a while felt its interface to be overwhelming. Thanks a lot for your suggestion :)
Tetiana Nikolaieva
@Juilee Mahimkar Take a look at Yaware TimeTracker. In the program, you can view reports every day, week or every month. And you will know exactly how much time you spent on each task. You can set up reports to be sent to your email, or you can watch yourself in real time. This program is definitely worth your attention, try it.
Martina Hackbartt
I'm now trying out Flowace to time-track my tasks. I'll see how it goes but so far, so good!
Juilee Mahimkar
@martina_hackbartt I have heard it's quite good. But haven't used it yet. Are you on the paid version?
vindeep chaudhari
Hello, I have used Trello for a while, it contains time tracking element which is good. But recently shifted to Notion as it is free for individual use and looking for time tracking app/feature to pair with.
Jeremy Nagel
The Mac app timing is my favourite. It automatically tracks your time. I find it works better than rescue time.
Pavel Kukhnavets
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