Which tool do you use for keywords?

Utku Uzun
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Paul-Louis Valat
Hey, at Plezi we use : - Ahrefs for keyword research and finding our angle based on search intent. - YourText.Guru for content writing. This tool provides semantic keyword suggestions and gives you an SEO score for your text. This combination of tools worked really well for us!
Utku Uzun
@paullouis_valat1 Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. I'll check both of them right away :)
Cameron Caldwell
@paullouis_valat1 Never heard of YourText.Guru 🤔 Looking forward to checking this out!
Paul-Louis Valat
@cameron_caldwell It's actually a French tool! But you can use it on English and other languages :)
@paullouis_valat was to shy to do self-prom, but we're working on getting Google Search Console data (aka, keywords) into our new freemium Plezi One. Our goal is to segment those like an expert would do, for non-experts.
Daniel Engels
semrush is expensive but poweful screaming frog might be more difficult to use, but powerful too
Paul VanZandt
I mainly use Google Search Console to find keywords and SEMRush to track them, but I think we're moving to Ahrefs soon.
Lucian Tartea
Is Google Keyword Planner that bad? I don't see anyone mentioning it. I use it because it's free and only need a general idea about search volume and potential
Sergul Sungur
semrush & keyword.io