Which song do you listen to while you work ?

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Songs can often have an immense effect on your mood and transport you to a new mindset immediately. We all have that one (or more) special song which de-stresses and motivates us. Just curious to know what songs fellow ProductHunters are listening to while they are making their awesome products.


Arthur Peter
Depends on the activity: Lo-Fi when I need to focus, and rock when I'm in a sprint 🔥
Jessica Gregson
I read that listening to anything with lyrics in your own language is virtually impossible not to process, so anything classical or instrumental.
I seem to have read that too. Plus, i think classical music is supposed to stimulate the brain positively as well. So, great choice @jessica_gregson1
Jessica Gregson
@notanothervivek I think I watched a video about the right focus music on The New Headspace
Chandan Das
At lunch break i listen some motivational song
Jasmine Reyes
Lo-fi, classical, indie folk, acoustic playlists in the morning, and then in the afternoon I go for more energetic stuff like classic rock, 90s, electronic, etc.
Jyo Boral
Put on some sick deadmau5 / mau5trap playlists.
Adrien Agreste
When I need to focus - relax piano tunes, When I need to rise my energy 90s 2000s pop divas
Tanoy Chowdhury
I like listening to productivity music like binaural beats. Since I spent most of my time writing, listening to songs with words obstruct my thinking process.
Begüm Bayram
Nonsense Turkish pop songs, I am gonna throw you to garbage but I pity the plastic bag 🎵🎵🎵
Robert Ferguson
I think the majority of us here listen to Lo-Fi. The genre we all agree that boosts our productivity.
I have also seen some articles claiming that listening to 'video game music' while working/studying is supposed to help a lot to focus, since they are tailor-made to make the user concentrate on the game. Anyone here that does so ?
Mayank Gupta
Lo-Fi when working. Helps focus better. But when I know what I am doing and can sprint then I listen to R&B
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
"sometimes I feel like screaming" by Deep Purple - All the time :)
Got me woried for a sec there @bogomep ,from the notification i thought you were venting out that you feel like screaming 😀 ... Nice choice
Helen Thomas
I always listen to Lo-Fi beats whenever I start working. It stimulates my brain to become more productive and focused than usual.
It varies. I was on a big punk pop and MCR kick last week. This week it's City Pop. Here's my current playlist
Izabela Stepien
I'm mostly listening to Jazz
Fred Melanson
Lo-Fi is proven to increase dopamine levels and focus! My fav is Tony McGuinness deep sets!
Jason Yavorska
Thrash metal for me keeps me plugging away. Revocation is on right now.
Sanket Makhija
Lo-fi when I'm working on things which needs my full attention. Pop, Rock, EDM while doing easy things. Those that I can complete even when I'm half asleep. Podcasts while doing a totally boring work.
Grisel Dugarte
Oh depends so much on my mood, I try to listen to "relax" to keep focus, but many others moments I need an extra push of energy and I just click random energetic songs from Spotify! Also recently I tried Lofi cafe launched here in PH, and I really liked it!
Sasha S
Varies based on work - but for concentration something repetitive.