Which software do you use for screen recording?

Elena Cirera
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Carsten Pleiser
CloudApp is solid.
Alex Hughes
Loom for presentations, feedback, providing support, tutorials and more. Big fan!
Hussain Shah
I am a YouTube video content developer, and I use two applications for this purpose: ScreenRec and OpenShot. Both are free.
Muhammad Ali
There is no standard definition of the best screen recorders. A screen recorder that works well for one person may not work well for another.
Emma Foster
Choosing a screen recorder can be challenging. A program that works well for me may not be appropriate for you, because different people have different requirements and preferences.
Sophia Emma
In order to choose the best screen recorder, several factors should be considered. Compatibility, stability, and ease of use are key elements to consider when selecting a screen recorder.
jonny vince
To create and edit high-quality video tutorials, I use Screen Recorder and OpenShot Video Editor.
Christian C
cmd - shift - 5 on a mac
cmd shift 5 on my mac :)
Saqib Ali
On my phone, the stock screen recording features are pretty handy, but on my PC I have to download random screen recorders to do the job (not really a fan so far).