Which skills do people overemphasize in your industry?

Süheyla Şeker
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I would have gone with what do they 'underemphasize', which would be accountability. But hey, no different than in politics!
Süheyla Şeker
@neadreport Yes,the main factors such as fair measurement and accountability are neglected and people focus on other issues.
Franz Okyere
In the field of engineering the emphasis is greatly placed on the technical and things like interpersonal skill are shoved to the background.
Dimitris Karavias
@franz_okyere1 So true, people are assessed for solving riddles on a whiteboard instead of their contribution to a team
Süheyla Şeker
@franz_okyere1 Yes, instead of wasting time with riddles, it might be better to give candidates a chance as an evaluation week by looking at their harmony within the team.
Dimitris Karavias
The number 1 answer across all industries is "Passing tests". You get a test to solve, or an interview which is an in-person test, every time. But the only thing a test can directly tell is if you are good at passing tests. There's at best weak correlation with actually doing the job. Likewise a CV mainly tells how good you are at writing CVs (or how good your friend who helped you is). Tests take the rich, messy, chaotic reality of solving problems in the real world and reduce them to "What is your greatest weakness" or "Have you memorised this algorithm" or "How would you hypothetically solve this hypothetical problem". Ugh.
Süheyla Şeker
@dkaravias You're so right. In addition, I had many friends who were eliminated from applications because of controversial personality tests. How can online tests can measure my personality and say that whether I can be a leader or not. Many people select different answers than what they think just because they think it is the correct one. Especially in technical jobs such as engineering, questions about the techniques used at work can be asked instead of personality tests and brain teasers. It's sad to be eliminated in the early stages because you can't solve the pattern questions or solve them slower than others.
Dimitris Karavias
But @suheyla_seker you didn't select the three triangles in the "psychometric", instead you chose the 2 squares so clearly you can't lead a team!
Bilal Chaglani
Not a skill. But lately I've noticed people make hiring decisions based on a candidate's star sign.
Paulo Chinchillas
Lately, I've noticed that more and more industries and fields are interested in their people having emotional intelligence. Not just knowing stuff, but know how to empathetic and truly learn to listen and not just respond to situations.
Süheyla Şeker
@paulo_marcial It's good to hear that, because I want to believe that things are different now. It's good to know that business life is not just about working,but mutual communication and harmony are important.
Pelin Tamer
Personality tests whose accuracy is not clear.
Richard Fang
At least in marketing, too many people try to upsell different types of random marketing courses and skills.