Which platform helps you to be productive for work at home?

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Revolutionary tools that could save me time please?


Graeme O’Connor
I like Notion because it actually makes me enjoy organising and prioritising my time, which is not the case with any other tool!
@iamgoconnor Ok thank you! It’s always better when you enjoy using a tool !
Elena Kuvshinova
Pomodoro Timer and Forest helped for some time
@elena_kuvshinova thanks for your help, I did not know Forest I will test ;)
Piotr Pawłowski
I think software that lets you keep an own to do list, but also team kanbans + timetrackers are worth giving a try. That's what I'm working on, you can give it a try for free: www.firmbee.com
Rosie Higgins
If you feel like being in a shared space together with your colleagues will help you be more productive you could give Grapevine a try :) https://thegrapevine.tech/
Valeria Migova
I personally love to use online whiteboard Weje. It helps me collect, organize, plan, and share the most valuable data. Really convenient and helpful tool.