Which "paid" promotion tool/service has helped you get the word out about your product?

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Rich Watson
On Discord we use to have promoters sending DM's but seemed to spammy and trashy. But it was efficient.
Rose S Pina
Mr. Vivek, Hello everyone my name is Rose Pina. I'm on 132 platforms. Word of mouth, being consistent, that's tough for anybody that owns a business online, to be consistent, not only do you realize after four months or so, that being consistent means to be online 10 hours a day minimum. I myself spend twelve to fourteen hours a day building my credibility. So when I am promoting the new tools and services that you folks put your blood sweat and tears, and time away from your families. My credibility has to be on point, flawlessly, because time has to be worth it for us, and our families. That is how we work together and benefit from each other time and hard work. Thank you.