Which online advertising channel is the most significant one for your startup/business?

Omer Ersin
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From the options below, select the one that you believe is the most crucial one for your online business growth?


Qudsia Ali
It entirely depends upon the nature of your startup or business. However, all of the advertising channels you mentioned play a significant role in advertising these days. For an e-commerce business, Instagram will be the most important, whereas it will not be the most important for news media.
Adnyesh Dalpati
Let break it up into which segment of customers you are trying to reach. Each has its own unique propositions and value add. Instagram - Consumer brands ( Millennials ) Google - Consumer brands / B2B TikTok - Consumer brands ( Gen Z) Twitter - B2B / Services You Tube - Consumer Brands (All) Linkedin - B2B /Services
Mert Baser
Launching soon!
Linkedin too!
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Julie Campbell
Hey guys! What is the best way for a beginner to start an online business?
Emily Harris
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