Which One Is A Better Option: MVP Or MLP?

Hemant Warier
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The concept of a minimum viable product is relatively new. It’s a lean methodology for releasing products, services, and features before they are fully developed. The idea is to get something out in front of your customers as soon as possible so that you can receive feedback and iterate quickly on their needs and expectations. But is it a better option than MLP?


Antonio Fernández Porrúa
It's the first time I heard about MLP, but I've got to the conclusion that MLP is better than MVP, just I did not know the name of it. Any product, in order to be viable, needs to be used. If the users don't use the product because is ugly or uncomfortable or slow or what ever shortcut you took that makes a poor UX, it's not viable. So my point MVP and MLP are the same, but most people have not realized yet. Your MVP needs to be loveable by your users.
Maciej Cupial
@antonio_fernandez_porrua definitely agree. I needed to google MLP, but it is actually the same for me. Your MVP should be MLP.
Hemant Warier
@antonio_fernandez_porrua I agree with your point the MVP should ideally be the MLP