Which of these issues, you experience in your current or past organization?

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I think when people leave the company, most of the knowledge leaves with them unless it's retained and managed somehow. How does your company deal with this knowledge management issue? Do you feel that many companies do not have proper processes and tools to manage their knowledge? Have you seen anything working well?
When a senior employee leaves, 70% of knowledge leaves with them
Different employees ask the same questions to each other, reinventing the wheel.
Employees spend 5 to 10 hours (10-20% of the time) a week looking for answers to questions which someone in your organization already knows.
Slack or team has become cluttered. Employees interrupt each other rather than curating knowledge and using it in a systematic way
The most important asset of your organization is the “knowledge base,” and it is not appreciating as much as it should over the years.
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