Which of the websites you've seen recently were the coolest?

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I'm keen on great design and exceptional solutions that work effectively. Also, I love when a website is built seamlessly. So I'd like to find out from the Makers, which websites you've seen recently were the coolest. Thank you in advance 💫


I recently came across Stord(.com) and I really liked the homepage.
Rich Watson
I actually like the scroll hacking function some websites use- especially when they are creative and turn it into art. Apple does this for some of their products, but the way developers are doing some of these are really interesting. I don't know why scroll hacking is hated on so much, I actually like it- makes a page more interesting and grabs your attention
@richw does it work the same on mobile?
Gauri Apte
http://springsummer.gucci.com This is gucci's spring summer collection page (not really sure about the publishing year). A friend shared this link long long back. I was totally in love with the use of illustration and design here. it was ahead of its time. I still love it.
flo merian
Recently I enjoyed the experience on logbook.so S/O to @mathieuchop 👏👏