Which marketing tools do you use and why?

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Nabeel Amir
The best tool for you will likely depend on your business and your current marketing strategy. All online marketing tools can be divided into three groups: advertising, automation, and analysis. Advertising tools help you drive more traffic to your website. Automation enables you to run your online business, and analysis allows you to understand what's working for you and what isn't.
@nabeel_amir Thanks, Any marketing automation tool that you have tried?
Mounir Nejjai
Google Ads Active Campaign Radaar
@mounir_nejjai Thanks for sharing, definitely going to try Active Campaign :)
Vaibhav Taneja
Google ads- For Paid advertisements Outgrow- For creating interactive content for our website SEM rush- For competitor analysis
Danah Makow
Segment - CDP (customer data platform) - helps marketers move quickly in a no-to-low code environment. E.g. connect your email analytics to your data warehouse in minutes or implement your Facebook pixel on your site instantly without digging into the html/css Braze - email and push campaigns - easily segment users and create highly personalized campaigns to nudge them along in their journey Appsflyer - MMP (mobile measurement partner) - user attribution and deeplinks. Leader in the space, has all of the features you need, consistently adding new features Stripo - visual email editor tool - drag and drop. Can use the drag and drop features but also edit the html/css. Plugs in with several email service providers to export your emails instantly. Affordable pricing tiers. If you're looking for strictly HTML, Litmus is the best. Typeform - to get user feedback. Fewer complex features than Survey Monkey (like survey panels) but is cheaper and has a nice customizable interface
@danahm Quite helpful, really appreciate you sharing these tools Danah! Thanks a ton :)
ehsan ahmad.n
I am using Ahref, and it's great for SEO
Dorothy M. Shell
More recently, I discovered such a cool marketing feature as call tracking. This is a feature that helps you monitor your current advertising campaigns and can also be used to optimize and track your marketing budget. I tried this in my business and it's pretty cool for ad quality analysis. If you are interested in this topic, you can find out more here - https://dialics.com/blog/call-tr....