Which marketing materials do you use to promote your business? Which one of them work the best?

Olga Malynovska
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All businesses use marketing materials to share messages about their offerings to the target audience. So we are wondering which marketing materials were the most beneficial for your business? Let's help & inspire each other! As we know, there is no one size fits all rule in marketing, and most small companies are too limited in resources to test all of them to find out what works the best.


Nabila El Bouzari
I'd say the right format is the one that suits your persona. I am a CSM for a Marketing Automation plateform, handling a 100+ clients, and what I have learned from them, is that not everyone uses the information the same way, or at the same timing. I personally love use cases and webinars. Use cases because it helps prospects project themselves into the company's ability to handle similar prospects. And webinars because I just love the interaction - creates a more human and emotional relationship which is super valuable, even in B2B. Hope this helps :)