Which HR tools do you use in your company?

Mohammad Al Jumaa
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Hey everybody, the huge number of tools on the market makes it so difficult to know, which tools to use and start focusing on. Especially as a HR manager, it can be pretty tough to take care of many sides of the organization. I have created a list of the best 10 tools, here you can find them: https://onboring.com/best-10-too... Which HR tools do you use?


Qudsia Ali
We use People HR for application tracking, onboarding, and payroll management. And we use BRAVO for social networking, performance reviews, rewards and recognition, and two-way feedback with real-time email notifications.
Amanda Trincher
My company just found hr consulting services Singapore to be handled by a separate company. They already have a large team and a well-established process, software that can help us quickly and easily get the right specialists for projects