Which CRM do you use?

Hemant Warier
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Rosie Higgins
My brain CRM 😂😂😂 ....and ocasionally Hubspot
Anu Varila
We are using Pipedrive in our company but since we are building now customer success processes, we just started using Startdeliver in CS function :)
Databases in notion
Simo Lemhandez
@janinah Interesting. Don't you find some limitations with data integrations (email, etc), enrichment, dedup, etc?
Simo Lemhandez
I'm the founder of folk: www.folk.app. We're trying to reinvent CRM with a more customizable/No-code approach. I'd love to get your thoughts on our approach and some feedbacks would be very appreciated as well!
Scott Dunstan
if you're seeking for a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing tool for your company, SocialEpoch would be the best choice. You have all you need to market your company on WhatsApp thanks to features like its close interaction with Shopify, multichannel chat widget, and shared inbox. On the other hand, SocialEpoch would be an excellent alternative with its anti-blocking technology if you're only interested in bulk WhatsApp messaging for your business and don't need (or want to pay for) additional capabilities. Whatever programme you ultimately decide to use, make sure to constantly abide by WhatsApp broadcast best practices to prevent being blocked and having your messages marked as spam by your subscribers. After all, you wouldn't want to alienate customers by merely attempting to. Businesses may use WhatsApp to start one-on-one conversations with their present and potential clients using a variety of techniques. These discussions not only result in lower drop-off rates but also give the customer a better engagement experience, piquing their interest in the company. Businesses can gather consumer leads and messages from a range of online sources, including websites and social media platforms, with the use of SocialEpoch CRM. Live conversation with contacts You may instantly communicate with your contacts using WhatsApp CRM thanks to a built-in live chat system. Without leaving the SocialEpoch CRM, you may send and receive messages and documents in real-time. Sending broadcast messages is as easy as selecting the recipients from your contacts list and composing a message. As an alternative, you can build new templates or select ones that have already been stored.