Which country does your largest number of users come from?

Kapil Gadhire
7 replies
I was looking at my Product analytics data and it was interesting to see some of the users were from countries that were not even remotely in my target group. Would love to know which countries are on your target list and currently where are your users from?


Hi Kapil, not sure which data and which industry you are looking for ? it would be interesting to know more so I can share some insights !
@kapilgadhire it vary from one industry to another , maybe check what is happening in your industry or niche, I have seen various things happening in different region !!
Ray Hughes
Our product is geared toward the US. However we get a lot of traffic from Mexico. We did not expect this.
ehsan ahmad.n
Paid users are in the USA, on all my websites
Dan C
We target EU/US users and get users from India and Pakistan instead.
@dan_c6 have you figured out why ? from PPC AdWord ? or SM?