Which Communities Have You Joined and Would Recommend?

Maxwell Davis
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I've joined a few communities recently - some paid and others free. Sadly most of them have been quiet, and I've not really gotten that much back. So just wondering about ones you'd recommend.... I'll share mine later 😀


hands down the best creator community i've found https://www.skool.com/synthesizers is there any that you recommend? :D
Maxwell Davis
@shivam_jha3 That's a pretty unique community - what do you get from it?
@maxwellcdavis this one is from a YT video i watched.
@maxwellcdavis we'll also share a bunch of these resources and communities on nawvel. we just launched on PH!!
Maxwell Davis
@neri_raanani Looks interesting - did you join one of the cohorts? If so how was it?
Neri Raanani
@maxwellcdavis Just joined their Slack workspace, and am following some of the most interesting channels there (for example, #ask-a-question, #tools, #best-practices).
Shalin Doshi
Building one to make networking easy, let's collaborate?
Maxwell Davis
@shalin_doshi I'd love to but I don't have the time to build a community product at the moment! 😀
Lucian Tartea
Tech Twitter in general. It's free of course. If you engage with peers it can definitely feel like a tight knit community. I've grown and learned so much since I became active. I was a silent user for a long time.
Maxwell Davis
@luciantartea Yeah I've been loving the Twitter community - always so helpful!
Arun Pariyar
Though I still new Product Hunt Community I think is great for inspiration, support and engagement
Maxwell Davis
@arunpariyar There's a great bunch of people on here - especially early supporters and adopters.
Trey Chong
@peoplenotbots I just created a new logo category for Discord, I think it's gonna be a high search volume soon. https://instantlogodesign.com/lo...
Yuri Lisin
Really love Indie Hackers, Forefront (if you're intro Web3) also personally working on https://tokenhunt.club
Renly Borris
I joined this community today. Let's see what it brings?
Maya Ben Zid
Among the product management communities I follow on Slack, I like: - Demand Curve - Product Marketing Alliance - Mind the Product - Product School (host great AMAs with folks from top companies)
Maxwell Davis
@maya_ovice Oh thanks for these I'll check them out :)
Ruben Bennet
LUNADIO is a nice community if you are able to join the master call.
Maxwell Davis
@ruben_bennet I've jumped in there but it's very quiet - not been able to join a call yet though
Ruben Bennet
@maxwellcdavis Try to ping Ivan in order to be added to the mastermind channel
Siena Romes
Twitter community for bloggers. Just getting some ideas in general and how to improve traffic.
Daniel Jacob
Product Hunt Community. ✌😉
Dow Osage, MBA
This is a great thread. Thank you - to the poster and also the respondents. Truly appreciate it.
Zack Bruce
I love the Water and Music DAO. Working at the forefront of music and Web3. www.waterandmusic.com
Charu Veluthoor
I may be biased but to be fair I joined the Aviyel team after I was part of their community for some time :) It's hands-down the best community I've found online where I bumped into some amazing open-source enthusiasts! Always active to help you out be it anything!