Which blockchain do you think will become popular in the long run?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Peter Griscom
Ethereum has a leg up for sure due to the adoption by AWS in its managed blockchain product as well as a more robust enterprise use case. I wouldn't discount hyperledger for the same reason.
What I don't know about Blockchain is a lot.
Ali El (CEO)
Eth is quickly becoming the "Dollar" of the modern digital world. It has a strong social backing which can add to its dominence.
Michael Silber
I think Ethereum will be stick around, but might play a different role than it does now. They are obviously developing ETH 2 to address a lot of the gas issues, but I still think there will be scaling challenges as crypto continues to grow. I would think that a layer two solution like Polygon might have the most room to grow and become the primary interface for most people. ETH and Bitcoin will still support the larger movements of money, but not the individuals transactions people make. This interview with Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-Founder of Polygon, made a pretty compelling case on @kevinrose Modern Finance pod
Of these two, Ethereum has the first-mover advantage and will likely remain a leader, so long as layer 2 solutions and its transition to proof of stake can become fully realized. Solana has influential backers which have accelerated its awareness in the space, but it has some serious design flaws that simply can't be fixed. It's way too easy to attack and bring down the network, which we've seen happen multiple times already.
Sahil Patel
The Ethereum blockchain is slow and costly. As of dec 2021, the Ethereum blockchain can process about 14 transactions per second, with each transaction costing on average around $25.  I think Polygon will become a popular blockchain for minting NFTs due to the number of new creators coming into the space who don’t yet have the means to front gas fees. Polygon claims to be able to process up to 65,000 transactions each second with fees costing less than a fraction of a cent.
If Etherium will release their V2 and cut down on the gas fees, I see it going parabolic. Solana's recent crashes show they are still a long way out.
Marlon Olivaros Jr
Ethereum i think will become popular, because some crypto games uses ethereum
Subhodip Banerjee
I was surprised that there was only two options in your poll.. Ethereum is popular now but moving ahead the real competition is between Solano vs Polygon. Do you guys agree ?
Elena Cirera
I think Solana, because of its high speed. Solana has a more incredible rate that is 400 millisecond block times.
Stephany Dionysio
A year ago, Cardano was the bet from 9 to 10 crypto investors then we experienced the abrupt rise of SOL and now we are comparing with Ethereum. I personally believe there is room for both of them and we need to observe how they are going to evolve.
Mikhail Ivanenko
I think there are opportunities for both. Though it seems that ETH, while being way slower and having that as its one of its main disadvantages, has some other nice advantages: - Reputation of Ethereum in general and Buterin in particular - Time-tested - Popular for storing the value as well, along with BTC - A "blue chip" in the crypto world - A benchmark when it comes to smart contracts - Unfair advantage gained so far - number of application and adoption scale
Daniel Illenberger
I think Ethereum has really made a name for itself as time proven, secure, and decentralized. Most activity, regardless of how fast the L1 is, will move to L2’s. This means the L1 speed will be less important. Major corporations building on blockchains will want to do activity on a fast L2 but be able to eject to the most secure L1 if issues arise. This bodes well for Ethereum’s future. GME announced in their most recent quarterly report that they are doing this very thing using immutable x looping and Ethereum That being said, Ethereum will not survive if it does not speed up the network and lower fees. They need to fix this before everyone moves to other chains like Solana. Solana is amazingly fast, so in Cardano, so is Algorand and so is pretty much every other blockchain out there. I subscribe to the idea that there will be many winning blockchains and I am sure Eth and Sol are not going away any time soon.
Andrew C.
L1 Ethereum is king, but i feel that solana and polygon will do really great as time passes due to their high processing rate... looking forward to what the future holds.
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boss pak
Ethereum has an advantage without a doubt because of the reception by AWS in its overseen blockchain item as well as a more vigorous undertaking use case.Therefor am thinking that this blockchain will become popular.