Where would you start if you were to build a product

Tvisha raji
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What was the first step in your ideation?


Mikhail Ivanenko
Making sure the customer really needs my product
Tvisha raji
@mikhail_ivanenko How do you try to assess that ?
Mikhail Ivanenko
@tvisha_raji 1. Talk to customers. Litterally - to those who will be your customers. If you will have to find them anyway, better start doing it asap 2. to launch as soon as possible with something very raw And some other options: 3. Laucnh something unscalable. If the product provides for some operations to be carried out mannually - great, you may do them mannually, like with hands, not with algorythm. This will help to test the idea with very little cost. 4. To make a landing page, spend USD 300 for ads, and see how do people engage I dont know, maybe someone knows anything else and can add?
How important is it and who are you serving. Figure out your why, start and persevere. because when it important it worth any challenges and your why will keep you going :)
Björn Morén
Many people think it is the idea itself that is the key, but the idea is only 10%. 90% is the implementation, which takes time and requires hard work. So manke sure you have the skills needed for that part.
Tvisha raji
@bjorn_moren What would you give more importance to? Implementation or the planning