Where else can I find BETA users? Product Hunt ONLY? 🤔

Markus Jenul
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Hi Team 🙂 Product Hunt is a great platform and its very long around.🙃 I was wondering if there are also other platforms / communities around .. with people that are open to help test a new product? What's your experience with this?


Shushanik Shahbazyan
Hey Markus. Somebody shared the link here on PH yesterday. I saved it ))It should be useful - https://www.indiehackers.com/pos...
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I would recommend researching different communities (social media, forums, etc.) that are relevant to your product's domain, as well as spreading the word yourself, and getting friends/relatives/acquaintances to start using it. Also, if you get an influencer/someone with a big following on social media to post about your product - that could bring in a lot of users.
Markus Jenul
@lior_galante_cohen awesome. thanks for sharing. are those the activities that you will focus on for your launch as well? :)
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@markus_jenul1 Actually, not really. Today, we're testing our product with some Beat users, but from our launch and on we're aiming to expand this user base and start treating these new users as "real" (and hopefully also paying) users.
Rucha Joshi
I am would love to know which places you got the most recruits from once you are through this.
Stefani Kovachevska
@rucha_joshi8 Same here, folllowing the thread :)
Markus Jenul
@rucha_joshi8 I will keep you posted on our learnings :)
Pablo Palmitas
You can try social media to find the right audience. I guess for tech Twitter would be the best place to go. All the users are there, your goal is to find them and contact them in a way that is beneficial for both parties. I mean genuine conversations and building up your presence instead of just spamming with DMs asking to try your product.
I found a lot of success in relevant subreddits. We're building a productivity tool so we love r/productivity and so on. You might be able to find your niche there too!