Where do you store all your invoices, bank statements or documents related to accounts and finance ?

Mannoj Tewari
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Google Drive
Structured invoice management system


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
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in a safe system, encrypted :)
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I used to store just on the desktop, then switched to closed and encrypted channels because (as it turned out) my data had access to third parties (long story). In addition as I found out later, my girlfriend often poking around in my computer and once went into one of my folders, which had a link to bank statement maker and quite scared (and why I did not know about it immediately?) Although I just wanted to avoid the paperwork.
Mark Lense
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When I chose the financial application that I will use, I decided that one would not be enough for me, since many of them are made for certain functions. When choosing such a service, it was important for me that there were fairly low commissions for transfers, since I often send money for various services and services on the Internet. Then my friend advised me to read the reviews on https://fortiva.pissedconsumer.com/review.html and there I saw that many people use their service to send and store money, as it works without bugs and does not take commission for transfers in their network. I also drew attention to the fact that they have a rather interesting cashback system that I will use.