Where can I find remote Marketing jobs?

Tanjum 🔥 🚀🚀
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Natalie Karakina
Now it's easier than 2 years ago, try LinkedIn – use #Opentowork or find in the Jobs section
1) LinkedIn 2) GrowthHackers 3) Remoters
Byron Giles
CertificationPoint - Student Work Experience Builder platform -> http://www.certificationpoint.or...
Aerin Paulo
remote.co & remoterated.com are great resources. Be careful with LinkedIn, there are a few towns in the U.S. named "Remote" which can confuse things 😆
I'd say join communities and try to zoom in on a specific niche for higher probability. For instance, if you are passionate about music you can join a music NGO where there is plenty of people in the industry who will share/post jobs opportunities about marketing and the likes. Or network with musicians within the community who might need to hire marketing support contractors... I gave an example in music but this can work in different industry field too. Hope you find this useful.
flo merian
@tanjum Hi Tanjum! I'd suggest you three places for remote marketing roles: