When buying a SaaS product what do you look for?

Sharath Kuruganty
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It should save time
It should save money


Andrew Kpyto
Digital Marketer at Sembly AI ‍🚀
Time is money, so... :)
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If i have a money
Rhys Webber
Product Designer @ acresoftware.com
Bonus points for good design
The Coach Chris
Podcast specialist
Save me time and you've got me. I've recorded over 500 podcasts and changed my host multiple times. Most hosting platforms are the same and don't save me time. But I've finally found the best option ever and it saves me 5 hours per week!
Mohsen Kamrani
Founder @ dotenx.com
@thecoachchris_ That's it! In my opinion, you don't need to do something very special, just solve a problem people have and make their lives easier, and help them do what they do more efficiently. And if you sell it as at a reasonable price, they don't hesitate to use your product.
Earl Balisi-Smith
Out & proud product designer
whether it has thoughtful design and/or seems trustworthy...
Sachin Sinha
Co-Founder at MeetRecord
Mostly it is time but it also depends on what's your focus is in terms of what you're looking at for the SaaS tool to help you with.
Amarnath Nagula
APM at Startupmill.co
First, I would want to see if a particular SaaS product could improve the efficiency of my organizational process. When the efficiency is increased then the side effect I believe would be is to save time. :)
Sofya Narbut
Product Management & Design @ Aaply
I think I'm ready to buy when it becomes crucial to function and work or any other functioning becomes difficult without it.
I'm a QA and content Writer.
Hi @sofya_narbut what's your opinion on employee safety checks on Slack during crisis under 60 seconds?
Sofya Narbut
Product Management & Design @ Aaply
@vipassana08 I actually haven't heard about it. It sounds like a very good thing
I'm a QA and content Writer.
Co-founder at Qinaps.com
There's no need to buy to save money :) Also at @ Qinaps we look for scalability of operations with the product we are investing in.
seraoui zakarya
Jaskiran Kaur
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Saas products are made to make tasks easier and less time is consumed.
Sarah Jordi
all things marketing & comms
I agree with the "time is money" statement some made here. I'm looking to save time, but that's because time is money. :D And once the pricing of a product is too high in relation to the time/effort it saves me – it's a no.
Franklin C.
Web Designer and Bubble Developer
Time lost can never be regained. So it should save me time
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Mohsen Kamrani
Founder @ dotenx.com
I just upvoted the answers mentioning time. As a SaaS startup, our goal is to perform the task faster, cheaper, safer than if the user would do it themselves so it becomes a no brainer, at least for many...
Thompson Embassy
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The aim of any purchase should be base on time
Tamas Zelczer
Founder at Cursor Insight
Time is a precious commodity :)
Sebastian Britz
Co-Founder & CEO @digitty
I am ready to buy a product when it saves time, in essence, automates mundane tasks that don't require me to worry about the boring, repetitive and give me more freedom and time to dedicate time to what are really need to focus on.
robiul haque
I like to searching new product
thanks for sharing with us
Maciej Cupial
Bootstrapping calendesk.com 📅
It should solve my problem