WhatsApp alternatives

Jaskiran Kaur
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What are the top 5 WhatsApp alternatives in 2021?


Richard Francis
Telegram for sure, then I guess the usual suspects - Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc...
Rich Melany
for me zoom, telegram, IMO, VIBER and FB messenger
Alejandro Cantarero
Signal. The only app you need if you are worried about your privacy. Note that I see a lot of FB messenger on here, which is substantially worse than WhatsApp on privacy. I'd avoid it.
SIGNAL for me, just for the reason stated above - PRIVACY.
Fabian Maume
Telegram or Signal. Telegram got a bit spamy recently with the new crypto rush.
Jaskiran Kaur
@fabian_maume You must have heard about launch of new crypto currency , what are your thoughts on it?
Signal Signal's security is better than WhatsApp
Egor Mishin
telegram, viber, skype
Hamza Malik
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Derouenson Penton
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