Whats your favourite Fitness/Health App?

Jonas Schaller
8 replies
Hi guys, just tell me what Fitness/Health App you use on a daily base :)


Sini Katariina
Samsung Health and Strava
Talia Bender
Hi Jonas! My gym uses MyWellness app, which allows us to track our fitness and progression over time. We have a key that scans us into the gym, which we can also plug into the machines. Additionally, maybe this isn't really a fitness app, but I love to use WikiLoc for finding hiking trails. It is great for finding and previewing your hikes. You can add your own hikes or follows ones that others have already done.
Adraina Agyei
If you like running, the Nike Run Club is a great app for all levels of runners! :)
Nabeel Amir
The Samsung Health App, not only because I'm an avid Samsung Mobile user but also due to the fact that it has one of the accurate GPRS.
Michael Silber
I bought some kettlebells at the beginning of the pandemic and found two things that worked for me. For a more coached experience, I use the kettlebell program from Onnit. It can sometimes feel sorta repetitive, but they are solid workouts and since they have three levels in each video, I can easily increase difficultly by trying a new motion. I also sometimes use this dead simple Kettlebell app. I like that I can just set a time period and it starts immediately. The one bad thing is if you are not familiar with the exercises, it can be overwhelming.
Dyane Nollman
As with all important aspects of life, health needs to be taken care of as we age. After all, as we become inactive over the years, various problems arise that are difficult to deal with. So, after 40 years of age, I started having joint problems. I decided not to hesitate and went to the clinic https://www.cameronmch.com/servi.... There I was examined by an orthopedist and was told that there were no serious consequences. He prescribed a course of strengthening vitamins and strongly recommended to exercise. Frankly, I feel like I started a new life as soon as I took up sports. Especially nowadays, technology helps us to do this. For example, thanks to Google Fit, I can track my activities, such as the number of steps taken, sleep monitoring, and more.