What your dream community would look like?

Xavier Coiffard
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There is a bunch of makers community out there, most of them have the same perks: weekly calls, online chat, knowledge base etc… I'm sure we can do more than that, what would add to make it a perfect community?


radu birsan
Everybody using Flash :) creating interactive experiences
radu birsan
In the real world a christian communities are dreamy
mentoring, helping newcomers to get on full speed without, motivating them, while still providing value to the more skilled members. To be honest, I think the maker community is already doing an excellent job at it 🤩
Fabian Maume
I quite like LUNADIO. I think what makes a community great is mainly to have similar people. The discussion will be really different depending on the type of startups you are building and the stage you are in. So you need to find a community with similar makers than you. Indiehacker has a few great communities, but it is mainly about reading content rather than having weekly calls.
David Leuliette
Shipping retreat 1 week (or 3 days) in a hacker house to ship a product could be a city or in the country side by purpose: you will have no distractions to focus on deliver your idea to the world