What you will do if Internet will shut down for several days?

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Hey guys! As I know in the last years most of our projects, jobs, entertainment is related to the Internet connection. But what you will do if it will shut down in your country? Like it was in my (Kazakhstan). How you will entertain yourself? For example from 5 January to 12 January in Kazakhstan you were unable to: - make online payments, send or receive - watch any online videos (Youtube, Twitch, Netflix, etc) - order anything (Uber, food delivery) - make payment in local food stores and malls - make a call to your friends, family, and others - pay for local transport


But you are still able to: - read books - be with your family, friends if you were together or live next to each other - watch TV - listen to the radio - watch anything what was recorded/saved on your USB, laptop, smartphone - go to gym (somewhere) - go outside (somewhere)
jonny vince
Create a one-on-one or small group network between the Android devices you carry.
David Babins
Definitely, review the previous related subject threads before the internet shares the same experiences... :) https://www.producthunt.com/disc...
Alexander Borsuk
I encountered this in Belarus in 2020, and of course during those horrible days we had, you weren't thinking about what to do with yourself. All your attention was focused on the horror we had going on and the news that reached you even in the absence of the Internet. This is where you have to distinguish between the reasons why the Internet is disappearing from your life. If it's your own initiative, you behave very differently. I had two or three days of Internet detox, and I felt fine. I would go to the countryside, do handmade things, read books, do something around the house.
Hmm that means there is an opportunity... I would ask myself what would make me happy now and how can I create value.
Makes you realize how relient we are on networks and technology. I would probably just relax, read some books, find creative manual labor and get to know more my community.
Elena Cirera
The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. If the Internet is shut down for several days, I will take a break from my professional activities and spend all days with family and close to nature.
If they turned off the internet, it would be time for us to finally rest
Andrew C.
Im gonna get fit....lol
Alexey Shashkov
Haha, I will read books and talk to people offline. I'd like to have that experience. =)
Peter agar
Because the Internet is embedded in my daily activities, if it were shut down for several days, I would take a break from my professional activities and spend all my time with family, friend and most importantly with my self.
maks bebra
I'll probably go crazy since I can't sit without work and without social media