What would you say will be future of design? Or the next big thing?

Ujjawal Sharma
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Guy Barner
They say that with generative creative, designers will shift from creation to curation. I guess that's both good and bad. In a way, you might say that even today, design is a lot of "borrowing" and "using inspiration" for your own needs. But mostly, I think it will be the same as with developers - tools are being built that make the easy things easier, and developers are doing more and more high-level work. Makes sense to me that that will be the case for design as well.
Paul VanZandt
I think right now we're seeing a big trend of illustrative design in products, marketing, etc. I think the next wave will incorporate forms of AI-driven design and art into mainstream brands and their products.
flo merian
@ujjawal_sharma Hi Ujjawal! When I started working in a DesignOps startup, I read a lot about design systems. Above all, this quote is the one that resonates the most for me: “The increasing popularity of design tokens and the drive towards a standard format for design systems mean that design APIs are just around the corner.” — @ilikescience, Product Design Manager, Stripe (Source) Design tokens allow product teams to better collaborate and ensure brand consistency across any platform, and the Design Tokens W3C Community Group is working on developing standards as a way to capture the stylistic values of a design system to scale. Design tokens are here to stay. If that’s a topic you’d like to explore, we just released an in-depth guide on the topic, with insights, best practices, real-world examples, and free resources. Hope you’ll enjoy the read!
Ujjawal Sharma
@ilikescience @fmerian Hello Florent, Thank you for the detailed response; it is indeed very insightful!