What would you like to see in a community of sales prospecting tool adopters?

akhil mk
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The plan: Introduce a recently launched/beta sales prospecting tool with the creator demoing it and the community providing feedback. This will help the creators to get useful early feedback and the rest of the sales community early access. What would be your suggestions for creating such a platform? Context: It's been a year since I launched an info product that shared techniques based on buying signals (https://appsumo.com/products/mar...). This has put me in touch with some talented builders as well curious tech-savvy sales folks. Now it feels like the right time to build a small community to help each other :)


Fabian Maume
I think that you could get good inspiration from RevGenius community: https://www.revgenius.com/
akhil mk
@fabian_maume Thanks Fabian. I'm a member as well and they've doing a great job. Anything in particular you like about them which is missing in most other communities?