What would you have done differently on your product launch?

Brian Nutt
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We all make mistakes on launch. What was the one you made that you wish you had seen coming and avoided?


Graeme O’Connor
Do it way sooner! lol but yeah great question
Sandra Djajic
We held a launch party way before our app was ready. Not necessarily a mistake but our timeline and planning needed to change a bit. We've learnt a lot and become more understanding and it led to a really great PH launch. I think just for the PH launch, our planning should've ideally started around 2 months before to get into that top 5 list. We put a 2 week deadline on ourselves and it was challenging but very rewarding!
Brian Nutt
@maxine_buchert Yes, I've always struggled with the excitement for launch vs the right time to do it. I guess it's a fine line to walk. Congrats on your launch though!