What would you do if the internet stopped existing forever?

Daniel Obiokeke
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Impossible. But what if?


David Babins
Niche businesses, marketing etc...
Long before the internet people had to use a tool called a pen and another piece of equipment called 'paper' to actually write messages to one another. The finished message would need to be enclosed in more paper, called an envelope, postage needed to be paid, and the letter was sent and delivered by people... :) Endless other Fun times and Awesome opportunities and much, much more! ... :) 15 Examples of How Different Life Was Before The Internet | IE https://interestingengineering.c....
Aurelian Spodarec
Building my first Saas this year :)
Find something equivalent to the internet, but it would not be the internet.
Hussain Effendi
Curious thinker, writer and cook!
Wow! That's one of the toughest questions ever..... Well for beginners I would need to rethink a start-up idea as I am currently thinking along the lines of e-commerce, lol! Then I guess I would read more, meet real people, focus on living..hahaha. That's the best I could do
Maxwell Davis
Launching Something Soon 🚀
I'd probably do a lot more than I do now!
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Products. Security. Privacy. Ethics.
Build a new one!
Mahak from Outgrow
Data Analyst @ Outgrow
I don't want to think about this ques especially stuck in these pandemic regulations, but if it does, I would probably live in the library then, making money there and reading everything.