What would you advice to your 20-year-old self?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hi, hunters! A special discussion today since I'm turning 20 tomorrow :) Is there anything you wish you knew when you were that age? Any advice you would give to yourself? Have a great week, Martina


Bertha Kgokong
The sooner you start that business, the better. Just take that leap of faith, starting early gives you more time to fail and learn from your failures. There are only two types of business founders: (1) founders who have experience and (2) founders who do not have experience.
Daniel Engels
@berthakgokong interestingly, I'd advise the contrary.
Bertha Kgokong
@daniel_engels You would advice your young self to NOT start a business, rather focus on a 9-5? working for someone else and stay there.
Victor David
The most important advice I'd give to someone of 20 years age would be not to take the advice of others. By that I mean: learn from others; learn from those who have gone before you; learn from your surroundings, your schools, your friends, but ultimately follow your own heart. Happy Birthday!
Nevena Sofranic
I was such a nerd during high school and University and started my first business young, so I'd probably tell myself: live a little.
Learn to sell, anything. Even if you don't become an entrepreneur, having the skills to sell can work wonders in other areas in life.
Maxwell Davis
Launch something whilst you're at University!
Muhammad Ali
Start learning new skills ASAP , learn how to say no and be consistent in your learning
Alex gleen
Read more write more learn new skills work on self confidence i guess
Hussain Shah
could be work on my reading and writing skills
Ali Muhammad
get physically and mentally fit don't mess your self in between wrong thing and wrong habits
Happy Birthday! 🎁 Trust the process. If things don't work out for you, it's for a reason. Sometimes rejection leads to even better things.
Sandra Djajic
I'm 20 and in the same boat as you! I think my 8 months into my being 20 I've learnt how important exercise is, I'm already getting a creaky back!
Martina Hackbartt
@maxine_buchert This is definitely a great piece of advice! My back is getting creaky as well😂
Caroline Schneider
Stay open-minded and try to see things from other people's perspective!
Fariz Hakim
The future wouldn't be as easy as you think gonna be. It would be full of pain, surprises and uncertainties. But at the end they are all worth it and it's your choice to embrace it. So be more open to ideas and possibilities but at the same time listen to yourself more than anyone else. You would be proud of yourself, you always are :)
Raise Life Up
Whatever you're mainly doing in your daytime (work, school, etc), have your side project. Don't focus on making a lot of money right now, rather, try to use your side project as a source of learning how to sell, building a system, building your own business partners/networking.
Tim Devereux
Happy birthday! Invest time in figuring out what you want in life. I don't mean pinning down specifics (career, etc.), but rather thinking about what's important to you and what you want your life to look like. Having a vision for your future self will be a big help in making decisions along the way.
Kapil Gadhire
Here's a piece I had written on my 30th birthday. Many people who read could relate to this - https://medium.com/@kapilgadhire... Hope you all enjoy reading this!
Prasad Shirwadkar
The advice which I will give is that right from the very beginning of the career, focus on solving real world problems than to work for organizations with a brand value. Nevertheless, I did inculcate that mindset within myself and now I am part of building Boltic - a no-code Big Data Ops platform which is launching tomorrow on 11th of Feb!
Rachit Bhatt
"Go with the Flow, don't be too rigid on what and how you'll be happy in life." I always thought I'll be only happy when I'm working on my own thing, which I did but they didn't could not cross the finish line. Then I had few opportunities to work on projects which I could share excitement with but they were not 'mine' to say. This created a mental barrier, between me and the work. Slowly it started hampering my output and we decided that it's working. It took some good time and destroying some good opportunities, until I realised that you gotta be more flexible and find happiness what you have in hand. For example, I recently got this opportunity to build this product 'Boltic', which we are launching tomorrow on PH. I got my energy back, as soon I melted that barrier and went in with all I got. Hope this gives you a perspective, best wishes!
Emma Foster
Work hard as well as work sharp
Rushikesh Kavathekar
Hi Martina, Thanks for bringing this point. I would advice to start at least 1 business.