What would be one feature you would like to get added to Google Maps right away?

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Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Refresh the street view to be up-to-date :)
Daniel Leal
@bogomep Uffff totally agree! I use Google maps for my family trips and sometimes when we are trying to see how a specific zone looks like we could get scared and it could not be farther than reality today haha.
@bogomep totally agree! I see lot of Google vans running around streets here around in SF, but guess what, still a lot has to be captured at other places. By the curious, why it only shows the routes ranked based on time? What if it showed you the cheapest routes and other cost trade-off routes?
Michael Silber
I maintain a lot of tags locations for places I want to go or have been, but it's a complete mess since Google also shows their own suggestions. I either need to be able to hide the Google suggestions or visually make my tags easier to parse from the rest of the noise.