🚀 What were your top-3 growth initiatives that helped you scale?

Jamie Green
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One thing I have realised from scaling corporates and startups is there is no one-sized fits all. It is really a throw the hole kitchen sink at the problem and see what works. To provide all those new founders/ makers with inspiration, write out what the top 3 growth initiatives that helped you scale - mine in the comments 🧐


Jamie Green
We are still in the growth phase so these are likely to change but the following has been great so far: - warm intros, these are non-scalable but have the highest conversion if you are B2B can get your product sizeable volume - lead generator magnets (LGM) - big events that create a bump in engagement (i.e., PH launch, beta launch, new integration, webinar launch etc.). These are super helpful in increasing the baseline of product awareness, you just need to make sure to create a lead generator calendar so when each engagement peak drops off you have another LGM to drop - Organic content - this is good for creating the credibility (i.e., success stories) and the backlog of keywords for SEO. It is more a long-term play but essential to rank well when you hit scale so good to start early! What worked for you??