What was your first product?

Marko Denic
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Roberto Robles
A dental CRM for the Latin American market.
Marko Denic
@roberto_robles How did you get the idea to create Katlinks?
Frank Eno
Mine was a simple note-taking app for iOS, sold on Envato
Marko Denic
@frankeno How was your experience with Envato? I had a WordPress theme there with my ex-company, it was really hard to get it.
Frank Eno
@denic Initially it was great, I'm talking about a few years ago though, and I was selling tons of iOS and Android templates. Now sales got really down and I don't know why, still have to figure it out. Anyway WordPress themes are still the main sold products on that marketplace, why was it hard to sell it?
Marko Denic
@frankeno It wasn't hard to sell it. But, to get it listed in the first place. We had several rounds of feedback before we got in.
Frank Eno
@denic yeah, that's because there are tons of WP themes on there so it's hard to rank high on search in the beginning. feedbacks help a lot but I wish everybody would rate our products, many just buy them and goodbye
Marko Denic
@aureliovolle This is such a good idea. As someone who is doing this stuff manually, I know how much efforts this take. How did you get the idea?
@denic 3 months later haha, sorry! I had to optimize thousand of images for a client and I said "no way, there must be a way" directly from the problem to the solution hehe
Yosua Putra
I just launched my first product on PH today! Please check it out -> https://play.google.com/store/ap... Reach it is a productivity app where you can link your habits and tasks to a specific goal. In addition, we also have some goal templates to help our users building their goal. I would love to hear some feedback :)
Priya Srivastava
I made a Party Planner Notion template!
Marko Denic
@____priya_____ Awesome! How did you get the idea?
Priya Srivastava
@denic Oh I just felt pretty overwhelmed when I planned parties, and events, so I thought why not integrate it with an app that we are already familiar with!
Jitendra Pal
The internet directory
Marko Denic
@palji10dra Which kind of directory?
My first product was a complete smart home solution that we built during college. Not only controls and automates sequences for appliances but also helps consume energy more effectively.
Marko Denic
@omnath Awesome! Do you still have this repository?
Fekry Aiad
Safepixel.app ,a safe vault for media storing and sharing on iOS
Marko Denic
@mohamedfekry Cool. Was it here on Producthunt?
Ramya Chinnadurai ✨
It's https://100daysof.codes. A platform for #100daysofcode challengers to track their daily learnings.
Tom Green
First, as 100% my, is Pastebox. Built dozen for clients before, but this was mine from the ground up - concept, idea, design, code, publish.... And I use it daily!!
Marko Denic
@itsdailyin Is it here on Producthunt?
Derek Duban
omg, you just made me google my first product from 1994 and someone made a youtube of it! I haven't thought of it for years!
Story time: In my 3rd year university I got my first PC: 40MB hard drive, DOS 5.0. Sweet as candy! Of course I immediately installed a pirated copy of Windows 3.0 but it was giving me trouble when I tried to run DOS games so I uninstalled it. My girlfriend said, "but now I can't play solitaire." I told her: "I will make you solitare!" and that is how I started my programming career. I bought a copy of Turbo C++ and mostly coded it in C, because I was having trouble really understanding OOP, eventually I got better at it, and those blue buttons in the video are the very first class objects I ever made. Hooray! Those playing cards are original designs that you can still see in my all games and animations today. To draw those cards I also wrote a DOS based visual paint program just so I could draw them. After it was done, a friend referred me to a company that sells games in stores so I got 40,000 into walmarts/k-marts etc before that distributor went bust. But it did pay my rent for a year when I was in Uni. Heheh. I'm so happy. Thanks for getting me to look this up and remember all this.
Hervé Roussel
A faster way to find the code that you need :-) Search engine to find code across all your repositories quickly. Search using keywords, exact code, fuzzy, semantic search & more.
Marko Denic
@herve_roussel Nice. Is it here on Producthunt?