What was your first job?

Jennifer Laura
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technical-salesman in the bank, but I already sold kinder toys in the playground
Lourdes Perdon
@fares_aktouf My first job was a hotel front desk clerk in Kuwait. I graduated from accounting school in India but was not successful or lucky to find a job in my home land. I applied via https://layboard.in/vacancies/jo... and it was real luck for me back then. The pay was good. Now I returned home, but will come back to the Middle East if I still can't find anything here.
My first real job was in biz dev. And I got fired :') I created a video to share my thoughts...
Jennifer Laura
@shivam_jha3 Much appreciated. I think it was a blessing in disguise for you as you got motivated rather than losing hope.
Alex gleen
I got my first job when I was 17. It was at an electronics shop.
Altamash Brag
I delivered the hometown newspaper on Wednesday.
Luka Vasic
McDonald's kitchen worker.
Jennifer Laura
@luka_vasic You must be a hardworking lad then.
Luka Vasic
@jennifer_123 Thanks haha, currently in growth marketing and sales
Harshit Chawla
First job as a Digital Marketing
Harshit Chawla
@jennifer_123 very Interesting field, if someone is interested in a creative field, Analytics strategy part and many other things. Digital Marketing is a very vast domain very we can have many different departments where we can learn and grow. Most Important in a digital world it is great to have so many options that we can track each and every metric of our goal which we want in the Marketing field.
Saif Ullah Khalid
@jennifer_123 yes it is a very interesting field. The nature of job is quite fascinating.
Matthew Busel
First ever job? Back office of a car dealership. First job out of college? Product and Ops at a tiny VR startup.
Irakli Esakia
my first job.. Teacher of Geography at school :)
Tim Fern
I worked for the town I grew up in mowing grass, cleaning bathrooms, and gathering trash. It was definitely a learning experience!
My job or rather I interned as a social media manager for a e-learning platform
Guillaume Mathieu
Manufacturing quality auditor. Traveled the world, audited supplier production lines, told very competent engineers with 20+ yrs experience how the client wanted them to do... urgh I feel a ashamed of how frustrated they must have felt about that. Anyway it was a great first job with a lot of learnings.
Robert Dcosta
As a sales manager for an automobile company, the good old days
Daniel Engels
earned some first money as a freelancer at the age of 16, but only got my first fulltime job at 23 (researcher)
Jennifer Laura
@daniel_engels Freelancing has provided many students with a good way of earning.
Arun Pariyar
☕️ Barista although that wasn't enough to get me drinking coffee, find the taste very strong even now 😜
Serena McMahon
Starbucks barista! I absolutely loved it. I worked weekends and after school. I always asked for the 5 am shifts in the summertime so I could be out by 1 pm. Plus, I would work all the holidays to get extra tips!
Jacob Dent
Cart collector at your favorite retail store.
Matthew Ritchie
I was 17. I was a carpenter's assistant. My boss had half a thumb and was a draft dodger. One day, I saved him from falling three stories off a balcony by holding onto his tool belt. Definitely character building!
Adriel Cruz
My first job was a graphic artist at a printing shop