What was the first thing you did when you started your startup ?

ayush gupta
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It all starts with buying the domain name 😇
Alice Rodgers
@adityavsc 🤣 BTW, how did u manage to attach a pic? (is that ur superpower?)
ayush gupta
@adityavsc Haha , true , Bought 3 different domains and now the other 2 are simply hanging 😂
@cn__katie hahaha happy to share this super-power with you :) When the URL ends with ".png", ".jpg", "gif" we convert it to image 🤩 We also allow HTML tags like bold, italics etc. Hope this info helps 😉
@gupta_ayushh hahahaha same!! domain renewal scares me 😭😭
David J. Kim
Incorporated it so that it sounded more legitimate. In hindsight our mistakes were that we were more focused on building a company instead of building something people want.
ayush gupta
@between_team When you are new into the domain , all things come rushing... In my case it was : Open a company, it'll all be worth it , but the real thing behind incorporating is the reason for incorporating it, deep market analytics to know if this will actually be worth it, and none other than Simon Sinek , helped me overcome all of this !
Gleb Braverman
we create a landing page and started to collect emails