What was for you that tool that really helped you as a creator? 😎

Alexandre Contador
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Doing a survey to help me on a project., in case you want to get earlier access just let me know on twitter @alexdigitalmkt


David Kamwana
I've accomplished a surprising amount of design work with Paint. That's right, the old Microsoft Paint! Mostly just for ideation though.
Alexandre Contador
@david_kamwana just being practical already changes the flow of creation. I used the old pen and paper to organise and design also a project concept, totally worth it 😎
Canva has been an amazing product for me since its launch.
Alexandre Contador
@maxwellcdavis same for me. I've been using it to write ebooks, graphics, social media and its perhaps one of my top design tools. How do you normally use it?
@alexdigitalmkt graphics, social media, and also video, YT shorts, Tik Toks, Memes - loads of stuff :)