What unhealthy things do you do because you just like them and want to?:)

Katya Veremeichik
5 replies
I don't mean here anything like alcohol or smoking. For example, I enjoy getting up late. Just because I like it:) I tried to reason with myself, but I just had to accept that I don't have a genuine intention to change that. Do you do anything like that?)


Nabeel Amir
I enjoy eating Fast food even though I try not to.
Renly Borris
I use to stay awake till late at night and yawn all day long.
Sandra Djajic
I'm the same as you, Katya! I love sleeping in late - I'm not a morning person at all.
Brenna Donoghue
Coffee. So. Much. Coffee.
Tracy Williams
I have a sweet tooth, so I can eat lots of candies every day. I also like the effect of some pills, especially these ones https://www.canadapharmacy.com/p.... So I can take them even if it's not necessary.